Sphinx Pose is a great counterpose to sitting at a desk or in the car all day. It extends and lengthens the spine and offers healthy compression in the lower back and around the kidneys, and opens the whole front side of the body.

3 Part Breath is a basic yet powerful way to breathe that will increase your lung capacity. Slowing the breath down is an efficient way to reset and calm down your entire nervous system and promote deeper sleep.

This is one of the best stretches you can do to open your hips. Supine Figure Four delivers a deep stretch through the hips, the glutes, and even the lower back - a group of muscles we use all the time. Often time, pain in the lower back and/or knees might be coming from tension in the pelvis.

Cat/Cow is one of the most fundamental movements of the spine you can learn! Super important for overall spinal health, mobility and core strength.

Side Bending is a great natural stimulant in the middle of the day. It opens and stretches our abdominals, hips, low back, and the muscles in between the ribs. It's also an essential movement for spinal health and mobility. This stretch energizes the body and helps us take deeper breaths. One of my favorites!

Twisting is a necessary motion for spinal health. It wrings out and resets the spine and the nervous system, brining them back into a neutral state. It's also a great movement to aid with digestion. Learn how to do a twist with integrity, and you will build some really deep and supportive core strength!